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Individual approval type ingredient for health functional food

Meaning : It is a raw material that is not listed in the Health Functional Food
Code but it is individually approved by the Minister of Food and Drug Safety.
In this case, the sales person must submit some data for safety, functionality,
standards and specifications of the raw materials and the raw material should be approved as the functional raw material through the evaluation according
to the related regulations. Only authorized company can manufacture or sell
the raw material.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

Meaning : It is referred to as excellent health functional food manufacturing and quality control
standards. As the standard for manufacturing safe and high-quality health functional foods that are
trusted by consumers, it is the systematic standard for management of production and quality in a
structure of the workplace, facilities, and whole processes from purchase of raw materials to production, packaging and shipping.
On the other hand, the Minister of Food and Drug Safety is designating a health functional food
manufacturing company that complies with the standards for manufacturing excellent functional foods
and quality control as a GMP-applied company.

Goal of GMP : Minimization of artificial mistakes, prevention of pollution and quality change,
establishment of quality assurance system

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