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With fragrance in the woods, become healthy

When I get out of a complex city and walk down a secluded forest, I feel refreshed. How about going to the cool mountain where the mountain wind is blowing
this weekend?
The forest bathing in the thickened forests heals the mind and body which are tired from everyday life. In fact, this effect is not a psychological
phenomenon, but a scientific phenomenon in which the secret of chemistry is hidden. I would like to introduce "Phytoncide", refreshing forest fragrance that trees produce.

Phytoncide is a generic term for volatile antimicrobial substances that plants produce to defend themselves against insects, bacteria and fungi.
Every plant contains an antimicrobial substance, phytoncide, in any form. Phytoncide contains phenolics including terpene. Needleleaf trees such as pine and
Korean pine trees produce more phytoncides than broadleaf trees.

When you go to the forest, you can feel a refreshing fragrance substance which is the volatile phytoncide.
You can feel it stronger after tree felling, tree pruning and weed pulling.
Volatile substances produced by plants are mainly terpene compounds and
phenylpropanoid compounds.The helper that allows the visitors to feel good in
the woods is a substance called terpene which is emitted from the trees.

The terpene compound, which is a volatile substance, is the most widely
distributed among natural products.It is a substance that has attracted a lot of
chemical interests.
The terpenes are divided in groups according to chemical composition :
monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, diterpenes, and triterpenes. Among them,
monoterpene has a strong odor, but sesquiterpen and diterpene are generally
odorless. A substance consisting of monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes is called
essential oil, and fragrance substances that we can feel in the forest are included
in the essential oil.
As mentioned earlier, phytoncide is a comprehensive term. From a scientific point of view, the essential oil contains dozens of substances such as terpene
compounds, aliphatic chain compounds and aromatic compounds.
Therefore, in terms of the concept, it can be summarized as follows:
'phytoncide > essential oil > terpene'.

Terpene has more than 20 pharmacological actions such as sterilization, sedation and inflammation.
Former Professor in the Department of Forest Science at Chungbuk National University said that "Terpene stabilizes blood pressure, reduces pulse, and increases
brain waves that develop in a steady state." It was said that Indians held a needle fir tree for a while when they were tired and exhausted a long time ago.

Enjoy forest bathing 100%

  • Forests with many needleleaf trees

    Forest bathing can be taken in any place
    which is thickly wooded. However, it is more desirable to take forest bathing in the place
    with lots of needleleaf trees such as pine,
    needle fir and Korean pine trees.
    Moreover, deep forests that are more than
    100m far from the edge of the forests of the mountainside are more effective than the
    peak or the bottom of the mountain because more aromatic substances are produced.

  • Walking rather than climbing

    It would be better to take a leisurely stroll
    with plenty of time and mind for forest
    bathing rather than climbing mountain.
    You have to stay in the forest for at least
    3 hours. When you walk in the forest, it is
    good to take a walk as much as you feel some fatigue and sweat a bit. If you feel a bit tired, stop walking and take a deep breath towards the big tree to discharge hot air through your mouth and breathe fresh air into your nose to reduce fatigue.

  • Outfits made of cotton materials with
    good sweat absorption and ventilation

    It would be good to have lightweight outfits made of cotton materials with good sweat
    absorption and ventilation.
    Do not wear tight outfits to let terpene in the air naturally touch the skin. It would be good to put on cotton socks and non-slippery
    You can wear a hat with a brim.
    Put a backpack on your back but do not hold anything on your hands.