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The basic of health care, "health of blood vessels"

The total length of blood vessels is about 120,000 km. As they can wrap around the Earth several times,
they can reach every corner of the body. As ‘basic of the health is blood vessel’ has been mentioned, the
body can be kept healthy with healthy blood vessels. In other words, if there was something wrong with
blood vessels, it would affect the whole body.

The blood flowing in the blood vessels is the same. Blood plays some roles to deliver oxygen we breathe
from the lung to each tissue and cell and to deliver nutrients we ingest to the right place. In addition,
blood can also deliver wastes and carbon dioxide from tissues and cells to the excretory organ. Of course, healthy blood must flow well to let all of these functions go smoothly. Unhealthy blood is hardly expected to fulfill its role.

In fact, because blood vessels and blood are not easily seen in the body, it is easy to neglect them. It is fine to assume that half of the healthy life is secured if you
know that the vascular disease is the source of all kinds of diseases. In particular, because cardiac blood vessels connected to the heart play a pivotal role to carry
blood, vascular diseases can be caused if blood circulation is not maintained smoothly.

The relation between health of blood vessel (blood) and physical health is the same as 'two sides of the same coin'. If blood contains high contents of
cholesterols, triglycerides, and sugars, it is highly likely to cause various diseases.

Is there any way to keep your health in the daily life such as exercise and food intake?

- Let’s find out ways to maintain or regain vascular health by eating.

  • Eat more than 150g of green-yellow
    vegetables a day

    beta-carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E
    included in tomatoes, carrots, spinaches,
    bell peppers and broccolis are anti-oxidant
    vitamins that prevent blood vessels from

  • Representative low calorie foods rich in fibers. Seaweeds

    The abundant dietary fibers contained in
    laver, sea mustard and sea tangle lower cholesterol levels and cleanse blood.

  • Reduction in intake of animal fats

    Most of fats from animals such as beef, pork, chicken, and butter are saturated fatty acids.
    If you eat them in large quantities, they would be accumulated on the walls of the blood
    vessels, which may damage your health.

- Let’s learn about effective exercise when blood circulation does not work.

  • Clapping

    It is an exercise that can be done at anytime and anywhere and facilitates blood circulation and metabolism.

  • Aerobic exercise

    There are fast walking, light running, swimming and bicycle riding.
    Walking is one of aerobic exercises which can be done the most easily.
    If you walk in a right position for more than 30 minutes every day, it will
    improve health care and relieve symptoms of blood circulation disorders.