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Adult disease is "lifestyle disease"

The term 'adult disease' was originally derived from geriatric diseases. Many of the diseases
which are included in the present category of adult diseases frequently occurred in the elderly in the past. However, with the changes in eating habits caused by economic development
and generalization of lifestyle for convenience, it has become a common disease in young
people in their late 30s.
In recent years, the adult disease frequently occurs in children and adolescents as if the term 'childhood geriatric disease' is generated. Thus, the adult disease is recognized as the life
style disease. The typical diseases classified as the adult diseases are obesity, diabetes,
hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and arteriosclerosis.


It usually occurs when genetic and environmental factors are satisfied. It develops slowly, and most of cases are not recognized at the early stage.
It occurs the most frequently in the 40s and 50s. Fortunately, most of cases can be prevented. If it is diagnosed and treated in the early stage, the damage can be minimized.

Adult disease = metabolic syndrome

Recently, adult diseases are considered to be one group of diseases rather than an individual and independent disease.
The reason is that various adult diseases often occur in one person, and many of these diseases result in atherosclerosis, leading to the death of the patient.
In fact, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and abdominalobesity are found in 50~60%, 70~80% and 60% of patients with diabetes, respectively.
On the other hand, 20~30% of patients with hypertension has diabetes. Thus, these diseases are grouped to be called insulin resistance syndrome or metabolic

What is a way to prevent lifestyle-related diseases?

The principle of preventing and managing lifestyle-related diseases is so simple.
Small but important lifestyle habits will be a great pillar that allows me to keep my precious health.

Non-smoking/ non-drinking

Smoking causes chronic inflammation in the body and increases insulin resistance.
If insulin resistance is formed, abdominal obesity worsens. As alcohol has weaker
satiety properties than other foods, people usually excessively drink alcohol.
At this time, the body absorbs more calories than the calories consumed.
Thus, the remaining calories are converted to fats and then accumulated in the
abdomen. Fat is an essential energy source for the body, but unnecessary visceral
fat causes various adult diseases such as diabetes,arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. Non-Smoking and non-drinking are the minimal vaccination for health.
bolic syndrome.

Sufficient exercise

Increased use of automobiles and decreased physical activities result in obesity.
The obesity increases the incidence of various diseases such as hypertension.
If you take your aerobic exercise and proper strength exercise for 30 minutes or
more within the range which does not burden the body on a regular basis,
it will be very effective in lowering the possibility of various diseases.

Dietary management

Sufficient intake of green-yellow vegetables or fruit is effective in reducing the
incidence of disease. Excessive intake of animal fats increases blood cholesterol
(LDL) levels, which leads to a variety of diseases such as atherosclerosis and
coronary artery disease. Irregular eating habits and eating spicy & salty foods give
stomach irritation, which causes the gastrointestinal illness. It is effective to avoid
excessive meat consumption and to eat dietary fibers sufficiently for prevention of adult diseases.